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A project timeline

timeline icon Visual progress alongside your writing

Our dynamic project timeline facilitates the writing process—helping you see and celebrate your progress. You’ll always know what you’ve accomplished, and what’s left to do—making your writing project more achievable and enjoyable.

An example prompt

smart prompts icon Smart planning and writing prompts

Our friendly, focused nudges help you build your plan—and when you’re ready to write, our smart writing prompts enable you to move your project forward and past the impediments leading to writer’s block.

Catching up is easy

catch up icon Flexible workspace adapts to your writing life

Our writing workspace focuses you on your next task, helping you retain your context. And when life gets in the way, we get you back up to speed with a single click—updating your timeline and keeping you on track toward finishing.

Multiple projects

multiple projects icon Stay on track across multiple writing projects

Our tool helps you plan, capture ideas, write, and make progress across multiple projects—supporting your context, improving your focus, and maintaining constant progress.

What our users say about us:

I use it every day and I love it. Recently they added a 'smart novel writing project' template which makes planning and writing your novel so easy.
Mark B., Blogger
I really like being able to set my goals. The smart projects are customizable, comprehensive, and are easy to understand.
Luah F., Copywriter
The timeline visual approach is really useful in helping me focus only on the next step and in not getting too overwhelmed with the whole project.
Stefani C., Novelist
This mind map type of timeline is helping me in a great way. Even if I don't reach a certain milestone, I can just re-adjust, how amazing is that.
Victor R., Blogger
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