Our Mission

To build successful writers

Once upon a time…

In 2014, our Founder Shivani Bhargava set out to answer some big writerly questions.

  • What makes it so difficult to finish what you write?
  • How can we build something to help?
  • ....And why is good tea so hard to find?
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What’s the key to successful writing?

Writing is not easy—but that doesn't mean we can't overcome writer's block with a simple change in mindset. At TheRightMargin, that means building a way to become more goal minded with our writing.

The truth is, what makes a successful writer isn't a single process or writing tool or routine (although really, good tea is a must). It is making your dreams more achievable through writing goals. Our writing workspace helps you do just that.

Our Commitment

To help writers through their writing journeys and toward the feeling of creative accomplishment that comes from finishing what they started.

We believe TheRightMargin is the first writing tool truly focused on helping writers accomplish their goals - and we hope you’ll join us in your own writing journey as we change how the world writes for the better.



We innovate by understanding the writer first.

F*@k the status quo

Success is a journey made with large hopes and smart, doable goals.

Be open, be happy

We excel faster when we are together, not alone.

Collaborative game-planning

Don’t let what stands now blind you from the opportunity to make things better.

Success through small steps

We believe in being truthful and balanced every step of the way to achieve in the long run.