Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try out TheRightMargin without having to pay for it?

Yes. Sign up for a free 14-day trial anytime and get the full TRM experience! No credit card is required to sign up. Need more time? Just ask us to extend your trial at

Why do you charge for using TheRightMargin?

We’ve got to pay the bills somehow! Also, the faster we grow, the faster we can build out the awesome things we still have on our roadmap. We do our best to have fair pricing and to put it in perspective, for the price of a couple cups of coffee per month, you can use a tool that’s already proven to help many other writers be more productive and eventually, meet their goals. For many, that’s worth it!

Is TheRightMargin available on my mobile device?

It’s on our roadmap!

I saw something about a community? Where is it?

It’s called Writer Hangout. And it’s a global writers community powered by Slack’s real-time messaging platform and founded by TheRightMargin. We are a strong community of writers, bloggers, screenwriters, academics, novelists, journalists, etc. Writer Hangout is public space for any and all types of writers to come together and swap stories, resources, feedback and inspiration with one another.

Where is my writing saved?

Your writing is saved to the cloud. Every time your writing autosaves, our database will capture your latest edits and we save the 10 latest drafts in our database for an extra layer of protection. We use Heroku as our database service currently.

Can anyone see my writing?

No. TheRightMargin is your personal writing and planning workspace, so everything you write is private. Our entire site is secured with SSL to protect your data. The only exceptions to this are if you choose to share your credentials with people and/or if our customer support team dives into the database to assist you with an issue.

Do you offer academic pricing?

Please get in touch at We always want to encourage and support academic writing and would love to pilot it with your academic organization.

What’s the difference between the subscriptions?

There is no difference in features or experience. There is simply a discount for committing to a longer membership. Committing to your writing for a full year is a better deal than paying for a quarter or going month-to-month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

With one click from your account page. If you suspend/cancel a subscription plan, you’ll have access to your workspace until your current billing cycle runs out. You won’t be charged unless you choose to reactivate your subscription or choose another plan.

How do I get my writing out once my subscription isn't active?

Even if you don't have an active subscription, you won't be locked out of your projects dashboard and account settings. You should be able to export all your writing through your projects dashboard. And if you run into any difficulties, just hit us up at We'll help you out!