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It's easy to set realistic goals and stay on task with automatic reminders. TheRightMargin is a fantastic tool for any author no matter the stage of writing game.
Alyssa B., Novelist
l love the ability to write next to my timeline, and TheRightMargin's encouraging tone. Like, these writing projects are not about beating yourself up. And we're here to help.
Andy W., Short story
I really like how natural and intuitive TheRightMargin feels. Everything you need is there from the tasks milestones perspective, and if something doesn't fit can adjust it to fit you.
Suzanne B., Content creation coach
TheRightMargin helps me to keep track of my stories and stay on track, both in terms of word count and also timelines. So it makes me more efficient in writing my stories, and makes writing easier.
Ozimede E., Short story writer

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